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Remembering the warmer months of beekeeping

This is a video Google created with my pictures from beekeeping in 2016. I was operating with five hives at that point.

This is how calm the bees can be during a hive inspection. I do hive inspections weekly for the most part and I do that to keep on eye on them and there health. Making sure they have enough space to grow and continue to store nectar. Also checking in on the queen to make sure she is still laying lots of eggs. In late spring/early summer the queen can lay 2000 eggs a day to keep up with the workforce demand she needs to operate the hive and continue to bring nectar into the hive.

Here's our hives in July of 2019, we have 10 hive at our house in Somerset and two hives in New Richmond.

I'm inspecting this hives to see how much nectar they have collected and if they are in need of more space via an additional box with frames.

I put this together in remembrance of a great spring and summer, praise God for what he has provided our honey bees, me, and my family.

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