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Sam's Christmas Village

I have the pleasure of being a vendor at Sam's Christmas Village, great Christmas atmosphere with over 4 million lights that are set up in a wooded 1/2 mile walk through. Check out the video below, I took this before the event opened.

If that isn't enough you can rent a cozy cabin that includes a s'more kit, campfire starter kit with firewood, and a visit from Santa. When you are done with s'more you can go inside your heated cabin.

Sam's Christmas market where you can purchase treats, gifts, hot chocolate and cider, or visit the many vendors that sell a wide range of goodies that'll make great gifts.

Skyler's snowman!

Our products on display at Sam's Christmas Village.

It's hard to explain the winter wonderland we are embedded in, the Christmas lights, music, and the happy people all around enjoying this place make it one of a kind.

Take a seat on this huge chair and share a picture with others of your fun time at Sam's Christmas Village.

Check out Sam's Chrsitmas Village's website for more information. Thanks for sharing this blog post.

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